Pure Paw Paw

Pure Paw Paw

Combat Chapped, Dry or Cracked Skin

Pure Paw Paw can be used to combat chapped, dry or cracked skin almost anywhere on the body including feet, lips and elbows. The impressive, portable tube also can provide instant relief to minor wounds and skin irritations such as heat rash and insect bites.

Some may be aware of the benefits of eating papaya to aid with certain health conditions such as treating diabetes and maintaining a healthy gut. They may not be in the know of the immense gain that you can experience from applying Pure Paw Paw made with fresh Australian papaya extract to troublesome skin and the magnificent healing properties it holds.

With its vibrant and animated design Pure Paw Paw is an absolute must for your make up bag as it is an effective make up primer for powdered eye shadow, a superb eyebrow tamer/shaper or a moisturising make-up remover. Naturally packed with vitamins, vegan friendly, fragrance free and in various delicious flavours. Pure Paw Paw is an obvious daily essential for all the family.

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