Nicorette Inhalator with 36 Cartridges

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Description: Nicorette 15mg Inhalator Cartridges effectively works on reducing the urge to smoke. The inhaler is available with 36 cartridges which helps stop the craving to smoke. The inhaler proves one of the safest alternatives to help cut down the urge to smoke.

Usage Directions: Insert a cartridge in to the plastic mouthpiece as directed on the pack. Inhale through the mouthpiece as the urge develops. Do not use more than 6 cartridges in a day.

Side Effects and Precautions: Keep it safe from the sight and reach of children, infants and pets. Do not exceed the stated dose. Cautiously use the cartridge in case of allergies and sensitivities to its ingredients. Patients with lung diseases may find problems in using the inhalator. Seek medical help. Consult your doctor if you are pregnant or lactating.

Ingredients: 15mg Nicotine and Menthol. Each pack contains: 36 X 15mg of Nicorette Inhalator Cartridges.

Storage: Store at normal room temperature. Avoid contact with sun

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