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Affecting almost 5 million women in the United Kingdom alone, Chronic Telogen Effluvium is caused by a lack of low serum ferritin - the amount of 'storage' iron in the body. This leads to thinner hair, noticable over a period of time. A clinically supported programme developed to combat this deficiency, Florisene provides potent levels of iron and the amino acid L-lysine in order to replenish these stores.

Diets low in red meat and menstruation are amongst the main causes leading to this issue in women and research indicates that it is difficult to replace the diminished ferritin levels without a supplement containing L-lysine.

There is also a FREE 16 page comprehensive booklet entitled “Understanding Hair Loss in Women” and a website: For further information please call Lambert's technical line on 01892 554314.

It is advised to take 1 - 3 Florisene Hair Growth tablets daily.

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